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This island has one of the richest human histories of islands in the archipelago. This beautiful island offers us four spectacular dive sites where we can see anything from whale sharks to sea horses. In addition to its array of underwater life, Floreana's landscapes, sea birds, dolphins, frigatebirds, and penguins are what make this island famous.


An ideal site for both beginners and advanced divers, at Enderby we can see pelagic fish, reef fish, endemic fish and cleaning stations. If we are lucky, we might also see schools of salemas, batfish, or a whale shark!


Because of the steep walls at this sight, there is an abundance of black coral, sea horses, lobster, Galápagos blenny, sea cucumbers, and white-tipped reef sharks. One of the great attractions of this site is to dive with our sea lion friends who accompany us throughout the dive.

Corona del diablo

This sit is just as famous among divers as snorkelers. It is a shallow, small site but with a great variety of reef fish, and fish endemic to Galápagos. At this amazing site, it is possible to see endemic corals, cleaning stations, and Galápagos and white-tipped reef sharks.

Punta Cormorant

While the other dive sites are actually islets off the coast of Floreana, this site is part of Floreana island. It boasts calm waters and batfish, golden rays, grandfather sharks, barracudas, eagle rays, and sea turtles. Because of its tranquility, this site is perfect for beginners and people who haven't dove in a while, however even advanced divers will enjoy the marvels that this site has to offer.

Dive Time
Navegation time
Jan-May June-Dec
Champion normal-medium 5-25m 10-25m 40-60 min 1:45hr
Corona del diablo normal-medium-strong 5-20m 10-18m 40-60 min 20min from Champion
Enderby normal-mediana-strong 5-30m 5-30m 40-60 min 15min from Champion
Punta Cormoránt normal 5-20m 5-22m 40-60 min 20min from Champion