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Daphne is an ideal site to dive with manta rays, sea lions, barracuda, lots of sea turtles, and a great variety of sea stars. The variety of 'cleaning stations' allows us to sea hammerhead sharks, ocean sharks, and Galápagos sharks. At the Daphne sites, beginning and advanced divers can enjoy the spectacular fauna together. We definitely recommend this site!

Daphne Major

Daphne Major is an island with a large crater that is home to thousands of blue footed boobies. This crater has also been the site of many important scientific studies. At this time, the public is not allowed on land becuase of the fragile ecosystem. However, we are still allowed to dive at this site which we recommend for beginners and advanced divers! Here there are coral walls, reef fish, sea cucumbers, white tipped reef sharks, manta rays, sea lions, bacalao, palometas, and 'cleaning stations'. The dive takes place following the current.

Daphne Minor

Daphne Minor is a great place to see lava flows from previous volcanic erruptions inthe Galápagos. For diving, this site has a mix of different topographies: vertical walls, slopes, pinnacles, marine platform, and even a cave. At this site it is possible for beginners, advanced divers, and even for Discovery Scuba divers to dive together. When we plan days of three dives, Daphne minor is often the site for the third dive. Here, it is possible to see hammerhead sharks, manta rays, sea lions, many sea stars, many sea turtles, corals, reef fish, and cleaning stations.

El bajo

Before 1942, this site was an 'islote' (very small island), but during World War II, it was used as a practice target for American planes stationed at Baltra island. American planes bombed the site so much that now only a few rocks remain out of the water. This site is very beautiful for diving with white-tipped sharks, Galápagos sharks, schools of eagle rays and reef fish. At this site we can even still find bomb remnants from 1942! This site is recommended for Discovery Scuba divers, beginners, and advanced divers.

Dive Time
Navegation time
Jan-May June-Dec
Daphne mayor
40-60 min
40 min from Itabaca Channel
Daphne menor
40-60 min
45 min from Itabaca Channel
El bajo de Daphne
40-60 min
40 min from Itabaca Channel