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We are always honest and fair to all of our guests. In order to do that, we've set rules that help us better serve you - after all you, our client, are the only reason we are in business. If you have any sort of doubt relating our policies or services, please let us know, so we can talk it out and help you if needed.

We will only ask of you that you respect the few rules that apply, and that you enjoy yourself while diving with us!

Payment policies
All payments should be made the day before your departure. This helps us buy supplies for the trip, and helps you focus on diving and enjoying yourself the whole day.
The best way to guarantee a spot on the trip you want is to pay 50% of the trip's cost in advance.

Cancelation policies
In the unfortunate event you have to cancel your trip, please inform us ASAP.
If you cancel by noon on the day before your trip, we will refund ALL of your money. Yup, that's right, full refund with only a half day's notice.
If you cancel after noon on the day prior to your departure, we will only be able to give you a 30% refund. This is because we will have already paid for the trip and will not be able to find someone to take your spot, so there's a cost for us.

Reliability regarding gear and equipment
If you damage or lose part of your gear that we have lent you, it is your responsibility to pay for it. Our gear is high quality and is in good condition, we ask you try out every piece of it the day before to ensure it fits correctly and you feel comfortable.
It is ALWAYS necessary to stop by the shop the night before your departure in order to get outfitted with appropriate gear and confirm the details of your trip.